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Vitalis Nurses and Carers

Our experienced and caring team
provides clinical treatment and
emotional support in your home.

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Vitalis Nurses and Carers are special people who love going above and beyond for patients. Whether working in Hospital in the Home, Rehabilitation in the Home, Complex Care in the Home or another area, our team is passionate about making a difference. Scroll down to discover why nurses and carers love working at Vitalis.

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What Our Team Members Say

Working for Vitalis is like working with family and friends. A fun and supportive environment, lovely people!


Vitalis will always be special to me. This is my first job here in Australia, and I have been working in this wonderful company for almost three years now. I love the work ethics, people culture, mission, vision and it’s client-centredness. The whole Vitalis team is so mindful to the carers’ physical, mental and emotional well-being. Every effort that me make is well compensated, plus we have the 100% support from the management. It is always a blessing to work in Vitalis Home Care.


When I started with Vitalis three years ago I was supported and encouraged by Voni- she believed in me and gave me confidence to be the best carer I can be, by just being myself, giving respect and dignity. As the business grew my direct managers have continued to be very supportive too.

Just as important, if not more important, I have been matched beautifully with my clients since the day I started. I am still caring for some of these clients and have built a trusting and well-understood relationship as to their wants and needs.

My approach has always been to care for clients the way I would want my own parents treated.


I’m happy to go to work every day because I feel very supported by a great team at head office as well as after hours. Because everyone is friendly, respectful, encouraging and appreciative of what we do, of course this makes us want to respond in the same way. And, obviously, happy carers = happy clients.


Working for Vitalis has been a wonderful experience. I’m treated with warmth, respect and feel part of a big caring family who are making a real difference to people’s lives. 


I’ve been providing care for people in the community for over 15 years and Vitalis is by far the best health service I’ve worked within for the following reasons: 1. The back-up service supporting me is always quick, informed and on the ball 24/7, so I always feel supported even when working alone in the field. 2. There is a friendly and respectful attitude between my colleagues and all staff that creates open communications and good working relationships. 3. Vitalis listens to both the concerns of their clients and their carers. They care! Love them


I love working within our great team! Management are superb, easy to communicate with and caring. It feels amazing to look after people in their own homes and provide acute care to those in need. I truly have loved this amazing career from the day I started.


I was pleasantly surprised to receive a mini “Care pack” in the mail yesterday! I am writing to express my deep gratitude. It’s the little things but it makes me very grateful to be a part of a highly capable, caring, and understanding team. It makes our job as carers more rewarding knowing that we can look after our clients when our management listens and looks after their workers too.

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