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Home really is
where the heart is

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Voni Leighton - Co-founder And Clinical Director Of Vitalis Health & Home Care

Voni Leighton


At Vitalis we meet with you and really listen: to understand and assess what you need and how we can help.

Where You Belong

Home really is where the heart is. So where better for you to be throughout your health journey?
Vitalis’ integrated healthcare in the home services provide a seamless patient experience, helping manage acute and sub-acute illness, recovery from surgery, chronic disease, ageing and disability.

Vitalis Quality Healthcare at Home

Healthcare in the Home

Allows you to enjoy the comfort, privacy and convenience of home and is tailored to your specific circumstances.
Enables you to reduce the duration of your hospital stay, or avoid hospital altogether.
Is a cost-effective alternative to residential care. The financial benefits of in-home care over residential aged care can be significant.
Empowers you and your family in retaining choices, enabling you to stay at home longer and enjoy a better quality of life.
Provides relief for families of the full responsibility of caring for their loved one, giving them peace of mind knowing they are in safe hands.
Enables hospitals to better manage patient flows, ensuring hospital beds are reserved for those who cannot be cared for at home.
Is the ultimate in patient-centred care, where the care you need comes to you at home.

Vitalis is the bridge between hospital, specialist doctors, your GP, allied health providers and you and your families to support and manage your needs.

Working closely with you, Vitalis will develop a complete solution for all your healthcare at home needs; from carers to help with everyday needs, up to high-level clinical services, provided by experts. Professional, compassionate and caring.

Vitalis specialist healthcare at home extends to:

  • High-level clinical and Hospital in the Home (HITH), working closely with your hospital and your doctors to coordinate and provide acute and post-acute clinical nursing care
  • Post cardiac and orthopaedic surgery Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH) to ensure you get back to full strength and mobility after your surgery.
  • Complex Clinical Care at home to manage high level needs such as spinal cord injury and motor neurone disease, including 24/7 tracheostomy ventilation support and care
  • Cancer treatments in the home (chemotherapy and immunotherapy)
  • Home infusion therapies to treat a range of conditions including inflammatory bowel disease, iron deficiency and multiple sclerosis
  • Palliative and end-of-life specialist care — experienced nurses who work closely with your clinical and care team to make sure you receive the best care in the comfort of your own home
  • Case coordination – where we help you join the dots of the healthcare system, navigating you to the best possible health outcomes.
Vitalis - Quality Healthcare at Home

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Vitalis is accredited by The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

Vitalis services are accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) ensuring the highest standards of clinical care are maintained, and includes full clinical governance.

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