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Rehab in the Home

Rehabilitation re-imagined

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Dr Greg McDonald, Head Of Emergency Medicine

Dr Greg McDonald


I really understand the value of quality home based services and the benefits to patients well-being.


Have the ability to shorten your stay in hospital
Continue your journey back to health in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of your own home
Complete your rehabilitation without any compromise in the quality of service you receive

Then why wouldn’t you?


A user-friendly, customised, in-home exercise program

Improved clinical and functional outcomes

High levels of patient satisfaction and adherence

Early identification of post-operative complications

A shorter time in hospital.

Vitalis Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH)

If you’ve had a hip or knee replacement, or are recovering from a cardiac procedure, Vitalis Rehabilitation in the Home (Vitalis RITH) lets you complete your rehabilitation program at home, instead of a lengthy hospital stay or going to an outpatient rehabilitation facility.

Vitalis RITH is provided by a team of specialised Registered Nurses and Physiotherapists who are passionate about excellence in patient care.

Home versus hospital, which would you choose?

Contact us to find out how we can support your rehabilitation at home.

For some rehabilitation patients, there is an option to include cutting edge technology which has AI powered clinical oversight. For more information on this program, please see below.

All our programs are accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to the National Standards, so you can be sure of their quality of care and results for your health.

We work with private health insurers to provide this service to patients, generally with no out-of-pocket expenses to you.

Please contact us to find out if Rehabilitation in the Home will work for you, the health funds we work with, or with any questions you have.

Private Health Insurance

With most out-of-pocket expenses taken care of by your health fund, it makes sense to reach your rehabilitation goals in the comfort of your own home. Vitalis’ RITH services make it easy to facilitate a home program that cares for you on your rehab journey.

Home Rehabilitation

When you are in recovery you’ll need a healthcare team who are dedicated to helping you achieve your rehab goals.

Your healthcare team may include:

Your treating doctor
An Allied health team (physiotherapists, occupational therapists)
Your Hospital Discharge Planner
Other Health Services
Other Health Professionals

Vitalis’ rehabilitation programs and services are designed with your health care in mind. With rehabilitation in the home services being available to patients so that they enjoy their own bed and even their own TV, everyday life can actually start again much sooner. Even inpatient rehabilitation affects a patient’s life in challenging ways. Rehabilitation in the home with Vitalis can help you to achieve all of those rehab goals plus get back to normal life so much sooner.

Contact us now to find out if you or your patient could benefit from Vitalis’ RITH services.

Home rehabilitation that includes AI powered clinical oversight works because it:

Combines cutting edge technology developed by Sword Health with AI powered clinical oversight, so that patients who’ve had joint replacements can complete their rehabilitation at home.
Is provided by a team of specialised Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, passionate about excellence in patient care.
Delivers clinical results equal to or better than hospital-based rehabilitation; you will have a better experience.
Creates a customised digital rehabilitation program for you, prescribed by your specialist, with remote monitoring and help provided by our clinical teams.
Avoids inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation altogether, using a combination of user-friendly technology with in-home and remote physio and nursing support.

What Our Clients Say

The Vitalis team was always professional, helpful, and caring. Highly recommended service.

JP, Eastwood, June 2020

Anosh my physiotherapist was very professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. Would definitely recommend him.

SP, Artarmon, Jan 2022

The service was excellent. Staff were punctual to every visit. Friendly and kind providing magnificent care. Very appreciative of all your staff. Merry Christmas.

SK, Rouse Hill, December 2020

Having been a recipient of Vitalis Care, I can’t speak more highly of the thoughtful, professional, and personal care I received over 4 weeks – a wonderful organisation.

CG, Elizabeth Bay, April 2021
Vitalis - Quality Healthcare at Home

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Vitalis is accredited by The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

Vitalis services are accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) ensuring the highest standards of clinical care are maintained, and includes full clinical governance.

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