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We provide trusted
and transformative healthcare-at-home

Vitalis Health delivers hospital-standard healthcare in the comfort of patients’ homes. Our in-person and virtual services have revitalised over 50,000 people.

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About Vitalis Health

We are a trusted provider of hospital-standard, fully accredited at-home and remote care.

We are passionate about what we do, and all our people are dedicated to making a difference.

We deliver transformative outcomes for our patients and partners.

For patients and families

For patients and families

Vitalis Health’s fully integrated services deliver care and support that is targeted to your needs, no matter how complex. By receiving the best care at home, you will enjoy a superior patient experience and be in control of your healthcare journey.

For referrers


Vitalis partners with health professionals and support coordinators to manage the clinical and care needs of patients. With a focus on clinical excellence, we provide NSQHS-, ACQSC- and NDIS-accredited services to support acute and sub-acute conditions.

For Organisations

For organisations

Vitalis Health is a trusted partner of 22 private health insurers, as well as public health organisations and government departments. Our approach delivers value and exceptional clinical and patient-satisfaction outcomes.

At Vitalis, we believe home is where the health is. Whether someone needs everyday personal support or highly complex clinical care, being able to maintain as much independence as possible and stay connected to family and community is crucial.

Since 2015, as well as providing top-quality, personalised clinical treatment and/or support, our team of passionate clinicians and carers enhance and enable those personal connections to deliver the quality of life everyone deserves and desires – in the location where they feel most comfortable.

We deliver value for individual patients and their families, for funders and for the Australian healthcare system. We are incredibly proud of the fact that over 90% of our patients say that they are likely or very likely to recommend Vitalis to others.

Vitalis Health services

Vitalis Health specialises in meeting the clinical and personal needs of every patient. As well as identifying and understanding critical issues, we ensure patients are heard and included in their treatment and care planning. Our healthcare-at-home services are available both privately (health insurance or user pay) and publicly through public health systems, government departments and the NDIS (conditions may apply). They include:

Complex Care At Home

Complex Care in the Home

Patient-centred care, including ICU in the home and cancer treatments. Providing proven clinical support, comfort and peace of mind when people are at their most vulnerable.
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Hospital-in-the-Home (HITH)

Hospital in the Home

Personalised acute and post-acute clinical care, including IV antibiotics/ infusor, VAC and complex wound care. Outcomes include faster recovery times and fewer complications.
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Rehabilitation in-the-Home (RITH)

Rehabilitation in the Home

Fully supported, post-cardiac and joint replacement rehabilitation. Physio and nurse visits delivering improved clinical and functional outcomes and an exceptional patient experience.
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Remote Patient Management

Virtual Hospital Care

Combines remote monitoring technology with clinical expertise to deliver active remote patient management in conjunction with quality at-home clinical care.
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Case Co-ordination

Nurse Concierge

Pre-hospitalisation and post-discharge home support and care coordination provided by highly trained and empathetic nurses with experience in multiple areas.
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Infusion Therapy

Home Infusions

IV iron infusions and other infusion therapies delivered in the privacy of home. Conditions treated include iron deficiency anaemia, inflammatory bowel disease, MS and MND.
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Palliative and end-of-life care

Palliative Care

Our compassionate and highly skilled multidisciplinary team, provides the clinical, practical and emotional support to assist patients and family members every step of the way.
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Cancer Treatments

Home Care

Our comprehensive and integrated range includes Personal Support Services and Nursing Care (for when clinical oversight is required) to enable people to live life to the full.
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A trusted provider and partner

There is clinical evidence showing that patients feel better and enjoy a higher quality of life when they have a higher degree of trust in their healthcare professional.

At Vitalis, we know all about the power of trust. Our patients and partners trust us to deliver clinical excellence, outstanding outcomes and a positive experience. We do this through…

Patient-centred approach
Highly trained, passionate staff
24/7 clinical support
Full clinical governance
Nurse-led care, supported by doctors on staff
Fully integrated and coordinated services
Working collaboratively with patients and their families, caregivers, referrers, healthcare providers, hospitals and health funds.

What Our Clients Say

There are no words to describe how amazing, efficient, reliable and friendly these magical nurses were. There is no place like home to regain strength and Vitalis enabled this to happen. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

MM, Pennant Hills, February 2020

I would like to thank you, Vitalis care team for looking after me at home for a period of 32 days. You showed very high-quality care and very professional service. Your great knowledge, friendliness and passion about what you do is much appreciated. Thank you!

MK, Warriewood, March 2019

Having been a recipient of Vitalis Care, I can’t speak more highly of the thoughtful, professional, and personal care I received over 4 weeks – a wonderful organisation.

CG, Elizabeth Bay, April 2021

Every day when I had the treatment I was treated like an old friend. They were the light in my life, always happy and friendly. I miss them all.

CR, Hornsby Heights, December 2020

The care, support, and help by the staff and management is second to none. Everyone’s communication, knowledge, bedside manner was brilliant! I highly recommend Vitalis to anyone in need.

AT, Glenhaven, December 2020

Vitalis is absolutely amazing. Extremely easy to organise. Very flexible with their timings. Very capable and caring nurses. 11/10. Would not hesitate to recommend.

MG, West Pennant Hills, November 2021

The quality of the nursing care I received was exceptional. The team were truly wound care specialists. They communicated clearly with me and each other and the continuity of care was excellent. I was lucky to have them and their care and kindness contributed to my healing. Thank you so much. xx

NT, Croydon Park, April 2019

Honestly, Vitalis was just the best home care experience for me.  I had never been hospitalised before and the whole process made me feel comfortable and at ease. Clare was fabulous at following up, and wow Georgie my nurse was AMAZING – and that’s an understatement.  She was so kind and caring.

MT, Jan 2019
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Since 2015 we have established trusted relationships with leading organisations in the healthcare industry. Get in touch to explore potential collaborations.

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