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Trusted and transformative healthcare at home

Vitalis Health is passionate about delivering hospital-quality healthcare in the comfort of patients’ homes. To date, our in-person and remote services have helped over 50,000 people.

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Home is where the health is

Welcome to the hospital of the future: where expert healthcare comes to you in the comfort of your own home.
The primary goal of Vitalis healthcare and home care programs is to help you receive the support you need at home. We aim to reduce unnecessary hospitalisations, shorten hospital stays, and prevent premature admissions to residential care facilities.

For Health Professionals


Vitalis provides fully accredited, integrated care that helps you manage the clinical and care needs of your patients in the comfort of their own homes.

For Organisations & Government

For Organisations & Government

With our keen focus on clinical excellence and continuous quality improvement, and backed by our strong leadership team, Vitalis has built a reputation for value-based care that is the envy of its peers.

Are You Looking For Healthcare at Home

For Patients

Vitalis’ integrated healthcare in the home services provide a seamless patient experience, helping manage acute and sub-acute illness, recovery from surgery, chronic disease, ageing and disability.

We understand that even in the midst of a complex clinical situation, your desire to continue living independently is important to you.

Our extensive experience offers those with high care needs, including palliative care, older people, and others in need of assistance to remain with their family or live independently for a more extended period than if they were to be admitted for their care.

At Vitalis, we believe that community, family, and personal connections are as important as the professional clinical care and support you may need for your overall health and wellbeing. Our home clinical care services are carefully tailored to meet your unique needs, creating a higher quality of life for everyone involved. Your health and wellbeing is our priority and we’re here to provide the care and support that you and your loved ones deserve.

Home, hospital, or residential care, which would you choose?

Vitalis Specialises in Managing Complexity

Our integrated services provide a seamless patient experience, helping manage acute and sub-acute illness, recovery from surgery, chronic disease, ageing and disability.

Vitalis’ care services allow you to return home much sooner after a major event than would otherwise be possible if our home care services were unavailable. Our dedicated team at Vitalis provides essential support, including wound care and IV medication administration, which may mean a shorter recovery period while you enjoy the healing process in your own home. The feeling of comfort and peace that your home offers is impossible to replicate. Your well-being and comfort are the major reasons Vitalis exists.

Vitalis enables healthcare at home for even the most complex conditions, including:

This is genuine value-based care, where you can receive the clinical care you need in a place where healthcare can be most effective – in your home – without compromising on quality or safety. Vitalis provides healthcare at home you can trust.

Fully Accredited Healthcare at Home

Vitalis’ integrated services are fully accredited, ensuring high-quality care that safely manages the clinical care and needs of patients in the comfort of their own homes.

With a track record of excellence in patient care, Vitalis is a trusted partner for referring hospitals and specialists, for funders, and for the many thousands of patients we have cared for since 2015.

When you refer your patients to Vitalis you don’t lose sight of them. We work collaboratively with patients and their families, caregivers, and healthcare providers to ensure a seamless service, consulting with you and keeping you in the loop.

Vitalis has high levels of clinical expertise, maintains full clinical governance, has doctors on staff, and provides 24/7 clinical support for patients in our care.

Vitalis is fully accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to the National Standards (the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards).


Home is Where the Health is

Vitalis’ healthcare at home delivers value for individual patients, their families, for funders and for the Australian healthcare system.

A collaborative, comprehensive and compassionate approach to the care of each patient is a hallmark of our work. This includes an in-depth assessment of clinical and personal needs that helps us identify and understand critical issues. At the same time ensuring patients are heard and included in their treatment and care planning.

We invest in our people so that they can provide quality, personal care to patients. Our clinical and care teams are employees, not contractors, and are selected and trained to an uncompromising standard, ensuring compassionate, high-quality clinical care is delivered every time.

Patients report high levels of satisfaction with Vitalis: over 90% of patients report that they are likely or very likely to recommend Vitalis to others.

Virtual Care

Vitalis offers remote patient monitoring and management, providing additional hospital capacity via Vitalis Virtual wards. In the comfort of a person’s own home, clinical needs are managed virtually by a service provider who is accredited to provide high-quality clinical care, and supplemented with in-person services where required. This allows people recovering from surgery, older Australians, individuals in palliative care, and others with specific care needs, the opportunity to live at home for as long as medically possible.

Vitalis Quality Health Care at Home

Vitalis Health and Home Care was born from a simple and powerful vision: to create a compassionate provider of quality clinical and care services that make a difference in people’s lives.

We have been serving customers with a wide range of healthcare needs since 2015 and have supported the journeys and successful health outcomes of thousands of people. We have grown quickly to become the standard for quality in-home clinical and care services.

We specialise in managing complexity – we are experts at joining the dots for you and for your patients.

What sets us apart

Highly trained clinical staff
Fully coordinated and integrated care
24/7 clinical support
Doctors on staff
Clinical and care teams are employees, not contractors
Hospital level accreditation
Service integration and coordination

What Our Clients Say

There are no words to describe how amazing, efficient, reliable and friendly these magical nurses were. There is no place like home to regain strength and Vitalis enabled this to happen. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

MM, Pennant Hills, February 2020

I would like to thank you, Vitalis care team for looking after me at home for a period of 32 days. You showed very high-quality care and very professional service. Your great knowledge, friendliness and passion about what you do is much appreciated. Thank you!

MK, Warriewood, March 2019

Having been a recipient of Vitalis Care, I can’t speak more highly of the thoughtful, professional, and personal care I received over 4 weeks – a wonderful organisation.

CG, Elizabeth Bay, April 2021

Every day when I had the treatment I was treated like an old friend. They were the light in my life, always happy and friendly. I miss them all.

CR, Hornsby Heights, December 2020

The care, support, and help by the staff and management is second to none. Everyone’s communication, knowledge, bedside manner was brilliant! I highly recommend Vitalis to anyone in need.

AT, Glenhaven, December 2020

Vitalis is absolutely amazing. Extremely easy to organise. Very flexible with their timings. Very capable and caring nurses. 11/10. Would not hesitate to recommend.

MG, West Pennant Hills, November 2021

The quality of the nursing care I received was exceptional. The team were truly wound care specialists. They communicated clearly with me and each other and the continuity of care was excellent. I was lucky to have them and their care and kindness contributed to my healing. Thank you so much. xx

NT, Croydon Park, April 2019

Honestly, Vitalis was just the best home care experience for me.  I had never been hospitalised before and the whole process made me feel comfortable and at ease. Clare was fabulous at following up, and wow Georgie my nurse was AMAZING – and that’s an understatement.  She was so kind and caring.

MT, Jan 2019
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