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Choosing the right Hospital in the Home provider: a guide for Australian patients

Hospital in the Home (HITH) is growing in popularity. But what is it and how do you go about choosing the right Hospital in the Home provider for your needs? Read this guide to find out!

Of the home health services available in Australia, Hospital in the Home (HITH), is becoming increasingly popular with Australian patients. According to the EY Global Consumer Health Survey 2023, 66% of Aussies say they’d consider being treated through a HITH program.

So what is Hospital in the Home? Well, in a nutshell, it’s at-home healthcare that is a convenient alternative to traditional hospital stays. With HITH, patients receive medical care in the comfort of their own homes. However, choosing the right HITH provider is crucial for ensuring quality care and a positive experience. So if you’re considering HITH treatment, this guide is for you!

In it, we’ll explore what Australian audiences should look for when choosing the right Hospital in the Home provider, from accreditation to service offerings and patient support.

Accreditation and certification
Your first step when choosing this home healthcare solution should be making sure your HITH provider is properly accredited and certified. Accreditation ensures that the provider meets established standards of quality and safety in delivering healthcare services. For example, Vitalis Hospital in the Home is one of only three non-hospital providers to be accredited by the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS). This means you can be sure of receiving hospital-standard care at home. Other certifications to look for are from organizations such as the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS).

Patient-centred approach
Patient-centred care has been highlighted as important by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. In the HITH space, this means you should choose a provider that prioritises a patient-centred approach to care delivery, with nurses and other healthcare professionals who genuinely care about the patient and their physical and emotional wellbeing. Look for providers that involve patients and their families in care planning and decision-making, respect patients’ preferences and values, and promote shared decision-making. A patient-centred approach fosters trust, collaboration and empowerment, leading to better care experiences and outcomes.

Experience and expertise
Consider the provider’s experience and expertise in delivering Hospital in the Home services. Look for providers with a proven track record of success. In Vitalis’ case, we have helped over 50,000 patients with different aspects of healthcare at home. Experience in managing a wide range of medical conditions and treatments is also important for ensuring optimal care outcomes.

Vitalis clinicians are passionate about delivering the best patient outcomes

Range of services and support offered
Evaluate the range of services offered by the HITH provider to ensure they meet your specific healthcare needs. Look for providers that offer comprehensive care tailored to your condition and treatment requirements. Additionally, consider whether the provider offers 24/7 support and emergency care – as Vitalis does – to address any unexpected healthcare needs that may arise.

Integration of technology
Technology (or “Virtual Healthcare”) plays an increasingly crucial role in delivering effective HITH services, enabling remote monitoring, teleconsultations and real-time communication between patients and healthcare providers. Look for a HITH provider that utilises technology and telehealth capabilities to enhance the delivery of care, improve patient outcomes and ensure timely interventions when needed.

Quality and safety measures
Enquire about the provider’s quality and safety measures to ensure the delivery of high-quality care. Look for providers that have effective clinical governance, as well as robust systems in place for monitoring and evaluating care quality, managing risks and ensuring patient safety. Ask about the provider’s infection control protocols, medication management processes and adverse-event reporting mechanisms.

Patient feedback and reviews
Patient feedback and reviews are a great way of getting insights into the provider’s reputation and performance. Look for testimonials, reviews and ratings from previous patients to assess their satisfaction with the provider’s services. Additionally, consider asking for references or speaking to other patients who have experience with the provider.

How much does Hospital in the Home cost?
In Australia, HITH services can be covered by private health insurance or provided by the public health system. If you have private health insurance, you should check to see if it covers HITH. Vitalis partners with a number of health funds to provide this service, as well as making it privately available on a ‘user pays’ basis.

Choosing the right Hospital in the Home provider is crucial for ensuring high-quality care and a positive healthcare experience. By considering factors such as accreditation, experience, range of services, technology, patient-centredness, quality and safety measures, and patient feedback, Australian patients can make informed decisions and choose a provider that meets their needs and preferences.

Vitalis Hospital in the Home provides trusted, hospital-standard physical and emotional care that makes a real difference; delivered in-person and remotely by passionate people. Click here to learn more.

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