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Dr Greg McDonald, Head Of Emergency Medicine

Dr Greg McDonald


Vitalis’ hospital in the home is an invaluable service for hospitals, health systems, and most of all patients, who are able to receive hospital-level care in the comfort of their own homes.

The best hospital for you - at home


Vitalis are experts in HITH. As part of our integrated care solution, we make all arrangements for your transition from hospital to home. This means that you can be discharged from the hospital earlier, or can possibly avoid hospital admission completely, receiving expert clinical care at home.

Contact us to find out if you are eligible.

Recovering at home has significant proven benefits:

Patients recover faster — the average duration of treatment is generally shorter.
Patients have fewer complications — such as cross-infection.
Patients have a lower chance of developing delirium — as they are in familiar surroundings.
Primary carers receive more support — reducing carer burden and improving wellbeing.

You and your family enjoy peace of mind, knowing your care is being overseen by a specialist clinical team at home.

Generally people prefer to stay in the comfort and privacy of their own home and substantial evidence* supports the fact that with appropriate clinical care, patients recover better at home than in hospital. Compared with in-hospital care, evidence shows that HITH patients experience:

  • A 19% reduction in mortality.
  • A 23% reduction in readmission to hospital.
  • Reduced rates of confusion and delirium.
  • High patient and carer satisfaction with no increase in carer burden.

*In an extensive meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials comparing HITH with in-hospital care, it was unequivocally demonstrated that HITH is the safer and more efficient option. The study showed patients receiving HITH experienced a 19% reduction in mortality, a 23% reduction in readmission to hospital, and high patient and carer satisfaction compared with in-hospital care. Costs were also significantly lower: Caplan et al, ‘A Meta-Analysis of ‘Hospital in the Home’, Medical Journal of Australia 197(9): 512-9, 2012; see also: Deloitte Access Economics, ‘Economic Analysis of HITH’, 2011.

Some common medical conditions that can be effectively managed at home include:

Intravenous antibiotics for treatment of cellulitis, community acquired pneumonia, COPD, urinary tract and other common infections. Vitalis nurses can cannulate, or patients can be discharged with a PICC line in-situ.
VAC dressings and other complex wound management. Vitalis nursing staff include wound consultants who can manage highly complex wounds, including debridement.
Post-operative drain care.
Stoma care provided by Vitalis’ accredited stomal therapist.
IV therapies including for DVTs, pulmonary embolisms and multiple sclerosis.
Blood collection for pathology.
Catheter care including routine changes of suprapubic catheters (SPCs) and indwelling catheters (IDCs).
Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) management.

Vitalis Hospital in the Home services are provided wherever you live: in your own home, in an assisted living facility, or in a residential care facility.

Clinical services are delivered by our highly skilled team of HITH Registered Nurses, under the direction of your treating doctor. This way you can be sure of the quality control of your clinical outcomes.

Vitalis is accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to the National Standards to provide acute clinical services in the home. We work with many private health insurers to provide this service to patients, generally with no out-of-pocket expenses to you.

Home or hospital, which would you choose? Is Hospital in the Home what you need? Call us to find out.

Vitalis’ Hospital in the Home Services

Vitalis’ HITH service works closely with the hospital system to support patients who would be much better off recovering at home. Often without the need for hospital admission. The HITH program can provide hospital substitution for a wide range of clinical care needs.

We work with various members of the hospital system to ensure the appropriate care is delivered safely in a patient’s home.

Emergency Department Specialists
Your Hospital Doctor / Specialists
General Practitioners
Discharge Planners
Allied Health Professionals

Patients admitted to the hospital receive continuous medical care from a healthcare team while in the hospital. Patients admitted to Vitalis HITH enjoy a seamless transition to their own homes, with our professional and skilled teams providing clinical supervision and in-home nurse visits. 

Clinical Care available with HITH

There are a range of clinical conditions treatable when utilising the services of Vitalis’ HITH program.

These include:

  • IV Antibiotic Therapy
  • Wound Care
  • Complex Care
  • Palliative and End of Life Care
  • Cancer Care

Benefits of Hospital in the Home

Many people don’t fully understand the mental weight that is carried by a patient and their family when a patient is admitted to hospital. Having quality, professional care and all the comforts of a patient’s home allows that weight to be lifted. The simple comfort of having access to your own bed, your own food and the reduced risk of adverse events due to cross-infection can cause anxiety to be lifted.

Vitalis is passionate about providing access to safely and professionally managed HITH care. That is why we only have the very best nurses and doctors who are fully accredited to manage complex clinical care. Delivered safely and professionally, Hospital in the Home care is a much more suitable environment for many patients requiring acute care after hospital admission, or as a complete avoidance of a hospital admission.
Our HITH team has been selectively brought together to offer hospital subsitution services to support patients, hospitals, and governments. Our goal is to ensure that every patient receives the highest quality care to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Contact us now to find out if you, your loved one, or your patient is eligible for Vitalis’ Hospital in the Home services. We’re passionate about finding patients and their family the support they need. And for health professionals, allowing you peace of mind to know that your patient will get consistent quality of clinical care throughout their recovery or treatment.

Vitalis - Quality Healthcare at Home

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What Our Clients Say

I highly recommend this service. My specialist nurses were very professional and I was made to feel relaxed on each treatment for my serious wound.

RM, Beecroft, October 2019

A wonderful service. The care I received from every nurse was exceptional and they were all so friendly and empathetic. It was great to have such quality medical attention at home.

JR, Turramurra, July 2022

I found that the nursing staff that attended me were the very best that I have encountered. After 7 private hospitals and rehabs I feel that I can comment on this matter with some accuracy.

RF, Castle Hill, March 2021

Every nurse was absolutely amazing. They were all so caring and loving. Very friendly and nice. They all showed up on time and did magnificent jobs every day.

CT, Carlingford, October 2019

Nothing beats being at home. Efficient, professional, sympathetic and friendly nurses – all come with a smile. Comprehensive care in a non-obtrusive manner. Highly recommended.

CR, Alexandria, April 2021

I found Vitalis to be an excellent service. Nurses arrive on time and I would recommend them to anyone needing assistance.

JB, Forestville, September 2020

Terrific service, very nice, very capable nurses. I felt entirely confident in their competence and expertise. They deserve the highest praise.

YW, Wahroonga, December 2021

I was so grateful to have your services available to me during my recent medical issue. Fort two weeks every day I had a nurse visit and each and every one of the nurses could not have been more professional, friendly, or kind to me. Thank you!

JH, Roseville, September 2020

I was very satisfied for the professionality of the team. All the carers were very friendly and always happy to assist me with my injury! Definitely recommend Vitalis to the people in need. Thank you once again!

EP, Cromer, November 2021

I have nothing but high praise for the service that Vitalis health and home care provided to me recently. All the nurses that treated me were professional, caring, and compassionate. They were a credit to the company.

JL, Drummoyne, June 2021

Excellent nursing service, especially from Nicky she always went that extra bit more and always made me feel good & relaxed. I would recommend Vitalis to any of my friends if they need it.

GJ, North Bondi, July 2022

I was very happy with the beautiful nurses, very polite, very caring, full of respect. Cannot say enough nice things about this service.

ND, Dural, October 2022

The Vitalis service was a godsend to me at a very scary and challenging time in my life. A huge thank you to Kelly and the girls for the wound care they provided.

TL, Castle Hill, June 2022

I could not have coped without Vitalis. Every single nurse was friendly, arrived (on the time arranged), competent in dealing with a complex wound. Wonderful support. 10 out of 10 for Vitalis. Thank you.

MB, St Ives, June 2022

Exceptional service by each individual nurse. They performed “Over & beyond” and were punctual, caring, efficient, and courteous. Could not wish for better service.

LS, Killarney Heights, July 2022

The service was excellent and the staff showed consistently high, professional approach. Would recommend highly.

TB, Elizabeth Bay, May 2019

A wonderful home nursing service. Every single nurse who attended me was really caring and very friendly and pleasant. I am extremely grateful for the care that was afforded me while having infusion at home. Thank you, thank you.

KC, Glenorie, April 2021

The nurses were wonderful – always came at the time they set. Very warm and encouraging as well as very professional. A very happy experience (and I had my own care agency + I know how difficult it is)

HF, Darling Point, July 2021

I have had the pleasure of your staff visit me for the last 4 weeks. They were very caring and very friendly. Thank you for looking after me.

LM, Wentworthville, March 2019

Thank you for a truly excellent service. It was wonderful to be cared for at home.

LR, Woollahra, October 2019

We were over the moon with the service I received from Helen, Clare, Angela, Kiy, Kelly, Sharon, Nicki & Leah. It is clear that to these girls this isn’t just a job – they love it and were wonderful support for me.

KS, Turramurra, April 2020

It was a pleasure to have your staff in my home. Made a tough situation excellent. I can’t thank you enough.

JK, Rouse Hill, March 2019

Absolutely fantastic organisation. Everyone I dealt with was helpful, cheery and professional.

SW, September 2019

Your HITH service was most excellent and each and every one of the numerous ever so capable nurses who visited me seven days a week over a long period were so friendly, bright and thorough, keeping me at home instead of still being in hospital.

JT, Epping, September 2019

Very pleased with all aspects of the care provided, from the coordinator to each of the nurses who visited and administrated my medication via the picc line. In particular, their communication skills were first-rate.

PL, Oatlands, Feb 2019

You are a very strong and capable team that can offer high quality and good services to patients. Especially you have good arrangements to satisfy different needs of patients that really need your help.

PX, Cherrybrook, April 2019

I appreciate the exceptional service provided by your team. The nurses’ communication was excellent, kind and understanding, and tasks carried out very professionally.

TC, Normanhurst, September 2019

I cannot thank the Vitalis team enough for their exceptional medical care given to me over 8 weeks of IV treatment at home. Each Vitalis team member went above and beyond their job description to provide individual care and emotional support throughout a very difficult medical episode.

AW, Baulkham Hills, August 2019

Absolutely agree (with choosing home rather than hospital for infusion treatments) having had to use this service for a loved one in a time of great need. Much easier for the patient to avoid the stress of travel and receive the treatment in the safety and comfort of their own home.

VT, Cronulla, June 2020

The quality of the nursing care I received was exceptional. The team were truly wound care specialists. They communicated clearly with me and each other and the continuity of care was excellent. I was lucky to have them and their care and kindness contributed to my healing. Thank you so much. xx

NT, Croydon Park, April 2019

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