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Do you take pride in providing the best possible clinical care, service and experience?
Do you love going the extra mile for people?
Are you kind, compassionate and empathetic?
Do you enjoy being surrounded by like-minded people?
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Do want to work in a nurse-led organisation?

Jobs at Vitalis

Vitalis Health employs nurses, nurse-carers, carers and administrative/support staff in a range of roles. These are our current vacancies. For further information, please email the Vitalis recruitment team:

Vitalis - Quality Healthcare at Home

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What our people say

I love working and collaborating as a team and the positivity shown by all of us.


The patients I see really appreciate the care that is provided to them in the comfort of their own home. They love the service and there is a high level of satisfaction.

The people I work with are lovely. And I also have very supportive managers who support me and my family with work-life balance.


I look forward to coming to work every day. Vitalis is a beautiful company to work for. The nurses and managers are beautiful, and I believe that I can make a true difference to my patients.

Changing lives is a beautiful feeling, and it reinforces why I became a nurse. I feel that people really appreciate the care that I provide and this serves as a constant reminder of why I become a nurse.


Working for Vitalis is like working with family and friends. A fun and supportive environment, lovely people!


Vitalis is special. I have been working in this wonderful company for almost three years now. I love the work ethic, people culture, mission, vision and its client-centredness. The whole Vitalis team is so mindful of staff physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Our work and effort is so highly valued, plus we have the 100% support from the management. It is a blessing to work at Vitalis.


Everyone at Vitalis has supported me to be the best carer I can be. I have been matched beautifully with my clients since the day I started. I am still caring for some of these clients and have built a trusting and well-understood relationship regarding their wants and needs.

My approach has always been to care for clients the way I would want my own parents treated.


I’m happy to go to work every day because I feel very supported by a great team. Everyone is friendly, respectful, encouraging and appreciative of what we do, which makes us want to respond in the same way. And, obviously, happy carers = happy clients.


Working for Vitalis has been a wonderful experience. I’m treated with warmth, respect and feel part of a big caring family that is making a real difference to people’s lives. 


I’ve been providing care for people in the community for over 15 years and Vitalis is by far the best health service I’ve worked at. The back-up service supporting me is always quick, informed and on the ball 24/7, so I always feel supported even when working alone in the field. There is a friendly and respectful attitude between all staff, which creates open communications and good working relationships. Vitalis listens to their clients and their staff. They care!


I love working within our great team! Management are superb, easy to communicate with and caring. It feels amazing to look after people in their own homes and provide acute care to those in need. I truly have loved this amazing career from the day I started.

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