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Home Infusions

Your alternative to the infusion
centre is at home

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Voni Leighton - Co-founder And Clinical Director Of Vitalis Health & Home Care

Voni Leighton


Having your treatment at home with a team you can trust gives you peace of mind and comfort at a time when you are at your most vulnerable.

Infusion therapy in the home gives patients the choice, in consultation
with their treating specialist, to be treated at home.

Many infusion treatments can be given safely at home, including for:

Inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease & ulcerative colitis)
Multiple sclerosis.
Iron deficiency anaemia.
Motor Neurone Disease.

Infusion therapy in the home bypasses much of the inconvenience
associated with hospital-based treatment:

Reduces the number of days off work.
Eliminate travel time and costs.
Shorter hospital stays and less time away from family.

Vitalis' infusion therapy in the home is staffed by a team of experienced and credentialed Registered Nurses and staff doctors who are passionate about excellence in patient care.

Our services are delivered to you without any compromise to the clinical safety or health outcomes of your treatment.

Vitalis is accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) to the National Standards to provide acute clinical services in the home. We work with private health insurers to provide this service to patients, generally with no out-of-pocket expenses to you.

Home or Infusion Centre, which would you choose?

Please contact us to find out if infusion therapy in the home will work for you, the health funds we work with, or with any questions you have.

Vitalis - Quality Healthcare at Home

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Vitalis is accredited by The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards

Vitalis services are accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) ensuring the highest standards of clinical care are maintained, and includes full clinical governance.

What Our Clients Say

Absolutely agree (with choosing home rather than hospital for infusion treatments) having had to use this service for a loved one in a time of great need. Much easier for the patient to avoid the stress of travel and receive the treatment in the safety and comfort of their own home.

VT, Cronulla, June 2020

The nurses were all fantastic. Very professional, knowledgeable and were really helpful and attentive with my care. Fantastic service – I was really happy with everything.

MP, Baulkham Hills, April 2021

My husband regarded the team of clinicians with the greatest respect and trust. Every one had a way of making him feel better and hopeful about his progress of recovery.

MB, Caringbah, June 2022

The nurses were wonderful – always came at the time they set. Very warm and encouraging as well as very professional. A very happy experience (and I had my own care agency + I know how difficult it is)

HF, Darling Point, July 2021

Every day when I had the treatment I was treated like an old friend. They were the light in my life, always happy and friendly. I miss them all.

CR, Hornsby Heights, December 2020

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