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Is Complex Care in the Home right for you? Understanding your healthcare options

What are the key factors to consider when deciding if Complex Care in the Home is the right choice for you or your loved one?

Choosing the right healthcare option is crucial for individuals with complex medical needs. Complex Care in the Home (which may be funded through the NDIS for some patients) is now a viable alternative to traditional healthcare settings.

Your healthcare team will be able to provide detailed advice. But how do you know if it’s the best fit for your unique needs and circumstances?

Assessing your medical needs

The first step is to have your medical needs assessed by a healthcare professional. Things to consider will include:

  • The complexity of your condition
  • The level of support required for daily activities
  • Any specialised medical services you may need, such as skilled nursing care, rehabilitation services or palliative care.

If you have multiple chronic conditions, disabilities or complex medical issues that require ongoing monitoring and treatment, it may be a suitable option. With Vitalis Complex Care in the Home, for example, many complex conditions can be safely managed at home. This includes spinal cord injury, motor neurone disease and profound neurological conditions.

Evaluating your comfort and preferences

Another important factor to consider is your comfort and preferences regarding healthcare settings. Do you feel more comfortable receiving care in the familiar environment of your own home? Or do you prefer the structure and resources of a hospital or residential care facility? Complex Care in the Home offers personalised support in a familiar setting, promoting emotional wellbeing and peace of mind. Vitalis nurses are specially trained to deliver this, and are all passionate about doing what’s best for you.

Considering the level of independence

Complex Care in the Home is designed to support individuals with complex medical needs while promoting independence and autonomy. If you value maintaining your independence and prefer to remain in control of your daily routines and activities, this may align with your goals. With personalised care plans and support from skilled healthcare professionals, you can receive the assistance you need while retaining a sense of independence and dignity.

Exploring support systems and resources

It’s essential to consider the availability of support systems and resources when evaluating this option. Do you have a strong support network of family members, friends,or caregivers who can assist with daily tasks and provide emotional support? Does your provider offer skilled nursing care and rehabilitation services? Does your provider also understand – and help reduce – the demands on family members? Assessing your support systems and resources can help you determine if Complex Care in the Home is feasible and sustainable for your needs.

Consulting with healthcare professionals

Ultimately, the decision to pursue Complex Care in the Home should be made in consultation with your healthcare team. This includes your primary care physician, specialists and other healthcare providers. Discuss your medical needs, preferences and goals with them to determine if it is the right option for you. Your healthcare team can provide valuable insights, recommendations and referrals to providers like Vitalis that meet your specific needs and preferences.


Complex Care in the Home offers a personalised and holistic approach to managing complex medical needs. It promotes independence, comfort and quality of life for individuals with chronic conditions, disabilities or complex medical issues.

By assessing your medical needs, evaluating your comfort and preferences, considering your level of independence, exploring support systems and resources, and consulting with healthcare professionals, you can determine if it is the right choice for you or your loved one. Explore your healthcare options and make an informed decision that aligns with your goals and values.

Vitalis Complex Care in the Home gives patients with even the most complex needs the choice to be cared for at home. Click here to learn more.

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